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I hope that this astro-archeological project will inspire you to make your own investigations and I would recommend that you always go and visit the actual places concerned.

Times of research funding shortage (particularly in Greece) tend to bring home-researchers and amateur astrologers together with the professionals.  Creative thinking always enriches our image world and it is ultimately unimportant in whose head it occurs  -  that of a layman or even an artist.  I make no claims of an academic nature and indeed reject what I regard as ‘predatory’ archaeological excavations.  My own imagination is impulse enough to dream.

The choice of the pictorial examples here is purely illustrative and neither they nor their presentation online make any claim to being academic, either.  Rather, I hope they will immediately stimulate the viewer’s imagination through the associations they prompt, as well as arousing enthusiasm for exploring the questions posed by the project.  I would welcome a dialogue and feedback via Facebook, for example.


 Manfred Seifert       Kreta im Februar 2011

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